Why Choose Us

When we say we create superb job application tools and deliver great results, we mean it!

A company based in one of the leading outsourcing destinations in the world, the Philippines, Smart Resume Services takes pride in bringing first-rate global resume writing services.

We don’t claim we’re the BEST in the trade, but we guarantee to send you the BEST tools you need to stand out from the stiff job competition.

For us, boosting your qualifications with an effective job application tool is more important. As we commit ourselves to help you win the job, we’ll give you the following rewards:

  • A Pool of Expert Filipino Resume and CV (Curriculum Vitae) Writers
    Smart Resume Services recruits only the best writers using a strict hiring and screening means. Once hired, they’ll go through thorough training to boost their skills and improve their knowledge on the latest writing trends. These not only help them craft tailored and industry-focused application tools but meet the demands of our clients, too.
  • Affordable Services
    Low labor cost is one of the leading reasons the Philippines tops the outsourcing hub. In the same way, Smart Resume Services offers writing at affordable rates without compromising the quality of our products. We strive to make topnotch products and services to match your money’s worth.
  • Short Turnaround Time
    The earlier you send your application to employers, the greater your chances of landing the job. While you may not beat time, you may beat other job hopefuls. To help you do that, Smart Resume Services delivers products in the shortest time possible. In as short as four (4) business days from sending your information, you’ll get the first draft of your order. Learn more about our method.
    Note: Policies/computations on turnaround time may vary by country.
  • Customized Documents
    We, at Smart Resume Services, treat each project unique. In crafting an application for a trade or field, we don’t use templates and materials from other sources. Instead, we tailor it according to the demand of the job or firm and focus it on your skills.
  • Impressive Outputs
    We always strive to please our clients. With this, we give you the chance to view and assess our products. Visit our Samples page to see how we craft application tools for various trades, then tell us what you think of them.

Now is the time for you to profit from resume writing services, Philippines style. Choose us and enjoy a rewarding career soon!